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Nice experiment!

This has potential to be a great fight scene or full-length Flash movie! Keep up the good work!


I love how when the store's name was "HELL", it still said "SATISFACTION GURANTEED"! :D

Sh0T-D0wN responds:



This song pretty much got me learning the lyrics right away!
But maybe you SHOULD put subtitles for the deaf population out there *hint hint*. After all, it's not a bad idea...

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Lacks original content and flashiness

... and by flashiness, I mean that there should be some more explosive graphics and bonuses, because this game gets boring pretty fast.

Much potential in this.

Whilist this game lacks actual gameplay, I think this has potential to become a very nice maze game of some sort.

Got any ideas for games based on this graphics engine you've got running here? I'd love to hear. :)

Just another Pong game...

...based on two competing smartphones.

IMO, there could have been other finalizations based on this idea, such as an arcade fighting game between iPhone and Droid for instance.

Other than that, flashier graphics and bonuses could have been added to make the game more extensive. It gets boring quick with such static images laying around.

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Not even close to Trance.

If this were submitted somewhere like Miscellaneous or Ambient, your rating would be significantly higher.

Kicks need more equalizing, too repetitive.

IMO, the kicks were too hard. The could have been more submerged with the synth pads you had going on there.

Plus, mutations of the same type of loop don't exactly cut it. Try adding some more variation and future songs could be better!

Nonetheless, I see much potential in this song. :)

A little more atmosphere, please?

I thought it was a great song, but personally I don't think the pads were "prevalent" enough to work with the piano and form a dream-like progression.

A little more work could have been done with the drums and clapping, making the drum roll sound a bit more subtle, kinda like the hi-hat roll you had going on at the end.

Overall, I just didn't think it met some of the requirements of a breath-taking dream trance song. I believe a few modifications could be made to make it sound more "dream-like" though.

ZachPayne responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, they were really helpful!

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This is proof that...

White dicks are longer than black dicks.

AlmightyHans responds:

i dunno. you haven't seen darnell when he's hard.

Basically, I'm just another immature teenager, just like most teenagers should be.

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